Coffee & Covid-19

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Where do I even begin?

There is no question that the COVID-19 pandemic has radically shifted the landscape of our entire world in these recent days. Words like social-distancing, self-isolation, etc are now a part of our everyday language.

And now as coffee roasters & cafes close their doors, and many more small businesses are left reeling from having to navigate this new-normal there is something so very tangible we can do.


While this isn’t anything new, and we’ve beat the drum of support-local for years already, there is no greater time in the history of the specialty coffee industry to take a stand for these amazing businesses that we have grown to love. Many of these coffee roasters are in small towns and critically depend on the tourism business to help with revenue. So in these times, local support is oh so critical. I love what RoofTop Coffee Roasters has done in Fernie, BC by offering curb-side pick up of coffee. You can order & pay on their website and they will bring your drink out to you! This is the kind of creativity that is going to keep these roasters going.

I saw one Instagram story say it this way…


If we don’t begin to actively support the small, local businesses in our towns and cities they may not survive, and that really sucks.

A fellow coffee blogger, Andrew Paulter over at recently released a great article sharing a number of most American roasters offering discounts in the midst of this pandemic. The team over at Sprudge also released a number of excellent articles about a number of coffee roasters you can support during this time. And I know there are more and more sites helping to share ways in which you can support local.


Not to reinvent the wheel, but I wanted to help share about a few great roasters that I have already helped to support, and that are either local to Calgary, or for Canada. Not that there aren’t tons of amazing coffee roasters to support but I wanted to keep things a little bit more local. So if you can, jump onto their website and buy their coffee, snag some of their merch, grab some brew gear…do whatever you can to support them. It will make a HUGE difference.

Roasters offering FREE shipping and/or discounts.


I am sure that there are even more roasters that could be added to this list. Or more that will be added in the coming days and weeks. Feel free to contact me and I will make sure to get them onto this list.

Together we can all do something. Every little bit counts.

Stay safe, and well caffeinated,




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