The Chemex

The Chemex: Iconic multi-cup coffee brewer…or glorified flower vase? There is no other coffee brewer that I feel is more polarizing in the specialty coffee community than the Chemex. I cannot even remember how many conversations I have had with friends who fall into one camp or the other. Say what you will, but the … More The Chemex

notNeutral Mugs

I own six. So I guess you could say I have a problem? Or maybe I just have a deep appreciation for aesthetically pleasing mugs that are also well crafted?! The iconic notNeutral LINO collection is what captured my attention many years ago and continues to be one of the most well loved by baristas … More notNeutral Mugs

Flat Bottom Brewers

When you think about that first cup of coffee in the morning what do you reach for? Do you power on your automatic coffee maker? Do you grab your keys to make a run to your favourite local coffee shop? Or do you take out your trusty one-cup brewer to make yourself some tasty bean-juice!? … More Flat Bottom Brewers

Fresh New Look

Welcome to the fresh new look of Commonly Coffee! This site has gone through a few changes over the course of the past two years with a re-brand earlier in 2020 that brought about a new name and a new look to Commonly Coffee. While that was a step in the right direction I was … More Fresh New Look