Siply Coffee App

I was out in Vancouver this past week. The sun was shining, the cherry blossoms were in full-bloom, and there was an abundance of coffee to drink! Needless to say all was right with the world! If you live in Vancouver, or plan to visit anytime soon then you need to get your hands on … More Siply Coffee App

Milestone Day!

Today was a huge milestone for! Over on our Instagram account we hit 500 followers! I am truly honoured & humbled by everyone who has encouraged me over the past few months and so incredibly thankful for every single one of my followers. It’s for you that I do this. Reflecting back on when … More Milestone Day!

Coffee Roaster of the Month – Apex Coffee Roasters

I was recently introduced to this month’s Coffee Roaster of the Month, which hails from Waco, Texas. Apex Coffee Roasters was established in 2014, and is playing a key part in contributing to the resurgence of this city located along the I-35 corridor, half-way between Dallas & San Antonio. Ask anyone about Waco, and what likely … More Coffee Roaster of the Month – Apex Coffee Roasters