Siply Coffee App

I was out in Vancouver this past week. The sun was shining, the cherry blossoms were in full-bloom, and there was an abundance of coffee to drink! Needless to say all was right with the world!

IMG_1414If you live in Vancouver, or plan to visit anytime soon then you need to get your hands on a great new app called: SIPLY. I love the concept behind this app, and was so excited to use it. Designed by the genius behind Vancouver Coffee Snobit seeks to provide coffee lovers with a chance to drink their favourite coffee, while saving some cash! Now doesn’t that sound like a win-win?!

So how does it work? Simply download the app, and then pre-load it with either the Small, Medium, or Large plan. The small plan is $30 for $35 worth of credits. The medium plan is $60 for $75 worth of credits. And the large plan is $90 for $115 worth of credits. So the more you load the more you save! Credits are used just like cash, and the app makes it super-easy to purchase drinks at participating cafes. The app allows you to order right in the user-interface and each cafe has different drinks worth different credits. Many also allow for alternative milk beverages on top of their usual drinks.

With my app loaded with credits, I planned out a day of visiting a number of the coffee shops that are on the app. Here are the three I made it to:

Pallet Coffee Roasters:


My first stop was their Kitsilano location. Having never used the app before the friendly barista was super knowledgeable in helping me order my drink! I grabbed a trad-capp because that’s always my go-to drink. The cafe is open, airy, and had lots of seating.

Modus Coffee Roasters:


I have always wanted to visit Modus, but hadn’t had the chance before this past trip. Their Cortado was truly incredible, and the best of my three drinks I had on my coffee crawl. Their espresso was complex, slight fruity notes, and the perfect ratio of espresso & milk.  This is a place I want to get back to again!

The Garden Strathcona:


My final stop was at a cafe I had never heard of before. But thanks to the app, I used the map location tool to realize it was close by to where I was meeting a friend, and so I made sure to stop in. Their espresso is the Equinox Blend from Agro Roasters, and since I wasn’t able to visit their cafe (also on the app) this was the perfect combo! I also LOVED the decor so much in this place that I ordered my drink to stay (the only place I did this).


By the end of the day I was literally vibrating from all the caffeine! I had so much fun, and I highly recommend this app to anyone! New cafes are being added fairly regularly so if you’re favourite place isn’t on there yet, be patient! Wanna know more, head on over to the FAQ PAGE.

Drink Differently,










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