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Why I Became A Brand Affiliate

I feel that this post is necessary. And while its not what you’d come to expect like much of my usual content here on Commonly Coffee, in the 2+ years of running this blog I have always believed that my audience deserves honesty, transparency, and accuracy in all of my content. There are many voices … More Why I Became A Brand Affiliate

The Chemex

The Chemex: Iconic multi-cup coffee brewer…or glorified flower vase? There is no other coffee brewer that I feel is more polarizing in the specialty coffee community than the Chemex. I cannot even remember how many conversations I have had with friends who fall into one camp or the other. Say what you will, but the … More The Chemex

Hey I’m Tyler.

I’m so glad you’ve found this site. I grew up in Vancouver, BC but now I call Calgary, AB home.

Let’s be honest, there is no need for anyone to drink bad coffee. My goal is to help make your journey into specialty coffee as approachable as possible!

This site is all about helping you discover great coffee, great coffee shops and great coffee gear.


Here are some of my favourite coffee shops to visit across Calgary!


Discover and purchase great coffee gear from companies like Eight Ounce, Fellow and others.

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Commonly Coffee is dedicated to championing all things specialty coffee. It is our desire to help people brew great coffee at home and to experience all that specialty coffee has to offer.

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