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Gear Review – Avery Brew Dial

Recently I was sent a Brew Dial by Avery Coffee Company, a Canadian coffee company located in Toronto, Ontario. What’s a Brew Dial? It’s an easy-to-use dial that quickly calculates brew ratios. Why is this important? Well if you’re like me and you’re absolutely TERRIBLE at math, then calculating brew ratios on the fly isn’t … More Gear Review – Avery Brew Dial

Gear Review – Ember Mug2

This mug is a game changer! I was sent an Ember Mug2 back in December. I had heard of Ember mugs prior to this, having seen them in a few retail locations over the past few years! But up until this point I will say that the price-point was a bit off-putting. And maybe you … More Gear Review – Ember Mug2

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