Coffee & Covid-19

Where do I even begin? There is no question that the COVID-19 pandemic has radically shifted the landscape of our entire world in these recent days. Words like social-distancing, self-isolation, etc are now a part of our everyday language. And now as coffee roasters & cafes close their doors, and many more small businesses are … More Coffee & Covid-19

Don’t Diss Decaf

There is no question that Swiss Water® Decaf is a house-hold name when it comes to decaf coffee… and for good reasons! They have honed their craft over many years and continue to put out an incredible product. Maybe you or a friend is caffeine sensitive, or maybe you just want to cut back a … More Don’t Diss Decaf

Social Media Outage

Hey everyone! Likely by now you have noticed my social media outage. For some reason Instagram & Facebook have flagged my social accounts (specifically the URL “” & my handle and have severely limited their use. I am working diligently to figure out why this happened and to get back to sharing great content … More Social Media Outage

Coffee Subscription – Brew Perfect Box

If you do a quick Google search for coffee subscriptions you’ll get quite a few results. And I think that’s a good thing. It seems in the past couple of years, coffee roasters offering subscriptions, and independent subscription services have really taken off, and with good reason. You the roaster/subscription service are guaranteed a financial … More Coffee Subscription – Brew Perfect Box