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Coffee Roaster of the Month – Canal

Known for its incredible French culture, exciting cuisine, and historical architecture, the province of Quebec is a sought-after destination for many in the USA & Canada who desire all the allure of Europe without the time and cost that it requires to fly half-way across the world. But beyond their penchant for poutine lies another…

Coffee Roaster of the Month – Epoch Chemistry

While coffee competitions certainly seek to advance the credibility of specialty coffee, they most certainly also seek to connect its community. And it is exactly this second aspect that I have truly come to appreciate. It was this past summer at Beanstock Coffee Festival in Vancouver where I had the pleasure of meeting Conor Conway.…

Coffee Roaster of the Month – Theodore’s Coffee

It was just over a year ago now when I began to see some posts from other friends in specialty coffee sharing about a roaster I had never heard of before. This is why I continue to love the specialty coffee community, because in as much as I feel like I have a keen awareness…

Hey I’m Tyler.

I’m so glad you’ve found this site. I grew up in Vancouver, BC but now I call Calgary, AB home.

Let’s be honest, there is no need for anyone to drink bad coffee. My goal is to help make your journey into specialty coffee as approachable as possible!

This site is all about helping you discover great coffee, great coffee shops and great coffee gear.


Here are some of my favourite coffee shops to visit across Calgary!


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