Coffee Bags of 2019

Is it just me, or doesn’t everyone save all their coffee bags every year to take one final collage-style picture to highlight all of the amazing coffee roasters they’ve experienced? No? Yeah…I wondered about that. While I know that every year-end I do see a few other posts from coffee-loving people who show off all … More Coffee Bags of 2019

Monogram – BYOB

The team at Monogram are doing something pretty amazing. Earlier this year they launched a fantastic initiative called BYOB – bring your own bag. This is an incredible way of staying committed to taking steps towards greater sustainability as a company. When I first heard about their BYOB initiative I was hooked! Not only is … More Monogram – BYOB

Coffee Roaster of the Month – French Press

If you were one of the fortunate ones to attend Beanstock in Vancouver back in October than you probably found yourself at some point connecting with Jeremy from French Press Coffee Roasters! One of the storylines that seemed to emerge from that festival was a few of his coffees that quickly became crowd favourites. This … More Coffee Roaster of the Month – French Press