Coffee Bags of 2019

Is it just me, or doesn’t everyone save all their coffee bags every year to take one final collage-style picture to highlight all of the amazing coffee roasters they’ve experienced?


Yeah…I wondered about that. While I know that every year-end I do see a few other posts from coffee-loving people who show off all their coffee bags, this has become something that I love doing.

So here is my 2019…in coffee bags!

85 – The number of bags of coffee I enjoyed in 2019
44 – The number of different coffee roasters

Let’s break that down a bit more:

29 – Number of Canadian Roasters
13 – Number of USA Roasters
2 – Number of International Roasters

In addition to that, I enjoyed coffee from 10 different Coffee Roasters from Alberta. I love having been able to enjoy coffee roasted from so many amazing roasters in this amazing province.

Favourite Origin:

I know that for people when it comes to specialty coffee, many have a favourite origin. I am pretty sure from the following list you can guess what mine is! But here are all of the origins I enjoyed in 2019.

Ethiopia x 19
Colombia x 11
Costa Rica x 6
Kenya  x 5
Honduras x 5
Philippines x 5
Guatemala x 4
Burundi x 3
Vietnam x 3
Brazil x 2
Papua New Guinea x 1
Uganda x 1
Ecuador x 1
El Salvador x 1
Nicaragua x 1
Panama x 1
Zambia x 1
China x 1

That’s 18 countries of origin! (These origins only reflect the Single Origin coffees I enjoyed. Some coffee origins were not included due to a few multi-origin blends).

So on this, the final day of 2019, there’s a snapshot into the year that was.

A huge thanks to all the many amazing coffee roasters for putting your heart and soul into all that you do. I cannot wait to discover more amazing coffee, roasted by more amazing coffee roasters in the year to come.

2019 was a great year for specialty coffee. Thanks to all of you, my readers, for following me on this epic journey.

Stay Caffeinated,



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