KRUVE + Holey Brewed Partnership


KRUVE & Holey Brewed are excited to announce an official partnership! We are excited to announce KRUVE EQ as the Official Coffee Glassware of Holey Brewed. There is no question that the Canadian coffee scene is one filled with incredible coffee shops, world-renowned roasters, and passionate coffee drinkers. KRUVE and Holey Brewed are equally committed to seeing Canada’s coffee culture grow and believe that this partnership will provide the elements necessary to see this happen.

As one of the content contributors for Holey Brewed and a long-time fan of KRUVE, I am thrilled to see these two Canadian entities collaborating together. KRUVE has quickly become a well-recognized name in the specialty coffee community with a clear goal to elevate the coffee experience for each and every person who uses their products.

With the release of their ground-breaking product the KRUVE Sifter in 2015, KRUVE was able to set themselves apart as a company not just looking to make another “gadget” but to really create products that are both innovative and functional. Their sifter is a revolutionary product that helps measure, calibrate, and refine grind size and it has quickly become one of the go-to tools for anyone looking to take their coffee game to the next level.


Fast forward a couple of years and the team at KRUVE wasn’t done innovating. At the 2019 SCA Specialty Coffee Expo in Boston, KRUVE’s latest product the KRUVE EQ Glassware, won – not one, but two – of the SCA’s most coveted awards (Best New Product – Coffee Accessories & the Design Lab Award – Vessels). These revolutionary products set out to improve the way people consumed coffee and have quickly become sought after by many in the specialty coffee industry and also loved by home coffee enthusiasts. Focussing on the aspects of Touch, Taste, Smell & Sight these glasses are not just visually stunning but backed by a great deal of science, engineering and technology to provide the optimum experience when drinking coffee. The Excite, Inspire and newly released Propel glassware are truly a sight to behold! It was for this reason that Holey Brewed is excited to have the KRUVE EQ Glassware line as the official glassware of Holey Brewed.

These glasses are designed with significant attention to their form and function. Crafted with hand-blown double-walled glass, they will ensure your coffee stays hot while the glass remains cool to the touch. These glasses create a personalized drinking experience that provides enhanced aroma and balanced flavour. And the best part is, when you’re done enjoying your coffee, they are dishwasher safe!

KRUVE and Holey Brewed (both located near Toronto, Ontario) are not only two great Canadian companies, but are two teams of dedicated people whose common love of coffee has given them a desire to see not just Canadians, but coffee professionals and home-brewers from across the globe have the equipment, resources, and a community to elevate their coffee experience.

Propel Sony Camera-136 copy

We really see this as a perfect partnership because coffee is such an essential part of each of our daily lives. From the moment we wake up and enjoy that first sip, to that coffee meeting with a friend or loved-one, coffee plays an essential part in all of that. But it’s not just the coffee that’s important, but the way we enjoy it that equally plays a big part. KRUVE glassware and coffee equipment really fits into the everyday coffee routines of us all. Whether it is sifting your grounds with the KRUVE Sifter, using a KRUVE Brew Stick to ensure even coffee saturation, or pouring the coffee into a KRUVE EQ glass, there truly is something for everyone at any level and experience when it comes to coffee. And because Holey Brewed taps into the many different coffee lifestyles of people, we see our audience as being a perfect fit for these products.

Holey Brewed is Canada’s fastest growing coffee & donut platform and currently has 15 team members (and growing) who are dedicated to sharing their love of coffee and their unique perspectives when it comes this beloved beverage and these tasty treats. With community contributors located across the country they are always excited to discover products that are truly one-of-a-kind. The Holey Brewed community platform is being developed to be the one-stop-spot for everything coffee and doughnuts. It is the idea of bringing together the full coffee and doughnut community. We are your number one source for blogs, videos, reviews, community content and more! The team at Holey Brewed are incredibly excited to be partnering with KRUVE to be able to showcase their products and share their love of how they incorporate into an everyday experience.

We see this partnership as a success story of collaboration in the Canadian coffee community. KRUVE and Holey Brewed are equally committed to seeing every individual be able to experience competition-quality coffee from the comfort of their kitchen! There is so much more that we see on the horizon for both KRUVE and Holey Brewed from this partnership such as blog posts, videos, reviews etc. Stay tuned for all that info, and in the meantime, we’d love for you to visit our websites to learn more about KRUVE and Holey Brewed. And make sure to keep following our websites and Instagram feeds as well as we might just have a few more collaborations up our sleeves that you’ll not want to miss out on.

KRUVE-EQ-39 copy

On behalf of the entire team at KRUVE and Holey Brewed thanks for reading our exciting announcement…now go brew some great coffee!

Written by: Tyler Hagan – Holey Brewed Content Contributor // @commonlycoffee (Instagram)


KRUVE: // @kruveinc (Instagram)

Holey Brewed: // @holeybrewed (Instagram)


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