Coffee Road Trip – High Seas Coffee Co.

I blogged last month about a coffee roaster located out in Linden, AB called High Seas Coffee Roasters. The kind folks sent me a bag of their Ethiopian Mokonisa to brew up and so I figured it would only be appropriate to make the trek out there to visit them in person to say thanks.


So this past Friday I made plans to meet up with my buddy Nate for lunch out there and connect with Krista (who runs their cafe) and Travis (their head roaster). Google maps said it would be just shy of 1 hour to drive out there, and it was a lovely warm October afternoon to enjoy some Alberta countryside.

This diamond-in-the-rough is located right in the heart of Linden, and one could argue is the veritable heart of Linden. It felt like during the two hours I was there the entire town came through their doors to grab some coffee, or some of their delicious baked goods. They have all-day breakfast and also a full lunch menu, so I grabbed their Cubano panini and it was really good.

Travis, their roaster, has been roasting since 2013 and roasts on their family farm just a half-mile from town. The cafe opened in 2016 and strives to make specialty coffee approachable in a small town where words like “third-wave” and “cupping” might not be a part of the vernacular as they would in a more urban centre. They know their market, and Krista and her team at the cafe are welcoming, friendly, and very hospitable. This place oozes small-town-charm.


After a few more shots of espresso it was time to head home…but not after feeling like I left a part of my heart behind. If you ever find yourself out in Linden, or want to make a quick day-trip somewhere may I suggest you visit High Seas Coffee.

Their website has all of their coffee for sale, and if you do find yourself visiting their cafe they also have a variety of brewing gear available as well. They are open Monday-Saturday 6am-6pm, and open late on Thursdays until 10pm! They are closed Sunday. They’re located at 107 Central Ave. Linden, AB.

Thanks again Krista & Travis for your hospitality, tasty food and great coffee. I really enjoyed the time we had together and wish you all the best as you continue to bring great coffee to this great town. You can read more about High Seas on their website.


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