Syphon Brewing Workshop

This past Saturday afternoon I had the opportunity to attend the recent workshop on Syphon Brewing put on by the folks at Eight Ounce Coffee. If you’re not aware of these great workshops they are offered on a monthly basis and the best part is, they’re FREE!

I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to explore brewing wth a Syphon as it is one of the few brewers that I have not had any experience with. And to be honest, just looking at this brewing device brings up feelings up apprehension and intimidation. Daisy and Taylor are two incredible team members at Eight Ounce and made the whole workshop a lot of fun and did such a great job at eliminating any of these unto-wards feelings.

A few random facts about the Syphon brewer:

  1. The Syphon brewer was invented in Berlin way back in 1830.
  2. It is a brewing method that doesn’t require a power source to heat the water (due to the use of a butane/infrared burner).
  3. It’s a freaking cool experience and your friends will think you moonlight as a mad-scientist.

If you find yourself with a couple hundred dollars burning a hole in your pocket I would strongly suggest getting one. I would highly recommend having a look at the Hario Syphon Next. This was the brewer we got to play with during the workshop and I was very impressed by its ease of us, and the incredible clarity in the cup. We used an incredible Kenyan by the folks at Detour Coffee.

After Taylor & Daisy demonstrated how to brew on the Syphon I was more than happy to try my hands at it as well. Huge thanks to my buddy Chris who was with me for the workshop and took some great photos.

It was a great experience, and I’m incredibly thankful to the folks at Eight Ounce for offering these. If you want to watch a great clip about Syphon Brewing the folks over at HARIO put one together, watch it here (video link).


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