Coffee T-Shirts

Most days after work and on the weekend you’ll find me in a pair of Levis 510’s and a t-shirt…but not just any t-shirt. I gotta say that one of the things I love about specialty coffee are all the amazing t-shirts that roasters and coffee companies put out. Over the past few years I have amassed a decent collection.

coffee t-shirts

As you can see from the picture, someone needs to tell coffee roasters that we need to think of colours other than grey! LOL. What’s your favourite coffee roaster t-shirt? And does anyone know of any roasters putting out some great t-shirts (that aren’t grey?)

Christmas is coming, and its always a great time to add a few more t-shirts to my closet. So leave me a comment or slide in to my DM’s through my instagram account if you’ve got one you think I should get. Like my Brandon over at JellyFish coffee always says: look good, feel good, drink good coffee! Hope everyone had a a great weekend



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