Coffee Road Trip (aka Vacation)

Starting on Saturday morning my family and I are heading out on 2 weeks of holidays. We’re making a few stops along the way on route to our final destination-Vancouver. So what you can expect on the blog over these next two weeks are a few stories, some café reviews, and oCoffee Road Tripther caffeinated shenanigans as I drive across the two countries, two states, and two provinces.

We’re heading to Coeur D’Alene, then to Seattle, and up to Vancouver. So if you’ve got any great suggestions of where I should go let me know by a comment below. I’ve got a few great places lined up already but I am sure there are many more that-if time permits-would be great to check out.

I’m really excited that I’m going to finally get to visit Rooftop Coffee at their roastery in Fernie on Saturday. These guys are easily becoming one of my favourite roasters. I’m gonna grab a bit of their Ethiopian Mokonisa to brew up on my Aeropress. I’m also stoked to re-visit the folks at Evans Brothers in Sandpoint. It’s been 4 years since I’ve been to their café and Sandpoint is truly a spectacular place to visit. After a few days in Idaho, we’re going to visit Seattle for two days. Now this is NOT enough time to hit up all the amazing café’s that this terrific city has to offer, so I am having to be selective in where I visit. The only bonus is that we’re going to take another day-trip back down to Seattle the next week while still on holidays in Vancouver.

One of the places I for sure want to visit is the La Marzocco Café at the KEXP building. They do a residency program, and the day before I arrive La Colombe arrives for the month. The one item I am super pumped for is their Draft Latté. The other café I am definitely making time for is Narrative Coffee in Everett. I had the chance to meet with Rich (one of the owners) this past week while he visited Calgary. Rich grew up in Calgary, and when he shared the story of Narrative, and the whole process they go through to select roasters for the café, I knew I had to visit.

A few other places on my “hit list” are Camber in Bellingham, and hopefully meeting up with Nate & Laura from Luna in Vancouver. So be sure to follow me on Instagram for all the updates, and I’ll do my best to post on here as much as possible.


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