Coffee on holidays!

It’s been a wicked last few days on holidays here in Idaho. Super hot weather, hanging out with old friends, and some great downtime with my wife’s extended family.

I’ve also been able to visit a few great café’s along the way. We’re still in Idaho, with tomorrow being our drive to Seattle. So far I’ve had the chance to visit Union Roasters & Evans Brothers. These are both great cafés, with deep roots in Idaho.

I really loved the vibe at Union Roasters. Very clean design, and lots of natural light. They use an MVP Hydra Espresso Machine. The Barista was originally from BC, and we chatted about our former lives on the West Coast.

My trip to Evans Brothers was a delight as I had been to their Sandpoint location but hadn’t checked out their Coeur d’Alene place. My daughter and I visited that morning and what a great location. The decor was beautiful, lots of seating, and really great coffee. My daughter ordered a white chocolate milk steamer and my trad-capp was spot on.

The best part was when the Barista and I were chatting and I was sharing with him I didn’t have a way to boil water for my Aeropress while camping for 2 days so that’s why I was grabbing coffee in Coeur d’Alene.

He then went to the back and gave me a 1/2 gallon of pre-made Third Wave Water! What a treat. Especially since where I’m staying right now uses well-water. I hadn’t had the chance to try it yet so I was really excited. Love the generosity of the coffee community!!!

So needless to say it’s been a great trip so far. Tomorrow begins another new part in this epic coffee journey. Stay tuned for more posts.


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