Eight Ounce Coffee Brewing 101

Had a great night out yesterday at the Eight Ounce Coffee Brewing 101 event. This was their first one (of many more hopefully)! This class was lead by Daisy Swain who works as a Baritsa for Phil & Sebastian. She presented us with three different brew methods: Aeropress, V60, and Chemex. There was a great turnout of people and Daisy made it a really lively time. These are one hour classes from 6-7pm on hopefully the first Wednesday of every month. Watch the 8oz instagram account for upcoming dates.

We had the ability to sample each of the coffees after they were brewed and Daisy was so knowledgeable. It’s amazing how much you can notice the difference in each offer simply by the way they are brewed. We were using coffee from Friedhats and it was delicious. It’s the current roaster that Eight Ounce is carrying. If you’re local to Calgary and you want to learn more about coffee brewing at home I would highly recommend these workshops.

The best part is, there are so many amazing Breweries nearby to go grab a bite and some brews afterwards. My buddy and I hit up Paddy’s Brewbeque since they’re only 5 minutes away and have a $3 Brisket Taco special on Wednesday nights and some tasty flights of beer. I’ll definitely be back.

Overall it was a really great evening. Even scored some Kalita 155 filters since Eight Ounce gave 10% off to all their registers attendees and I had just ran out. Score!


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