Société Coffee Lounge

Recently I had the chance to visit Société Coffee Lounge. It’s one of Calgary’s newer cafes and has really impressed me with some of their approaches to growing the coffee culture here in the city. They’re located at 1223 11 Ave. SW. Lots of available on-street parking.

I met up with my buddy Bryan who loves coffee, is a transplanted Vancouverite (like me) and also married an Alberta-girl (like me) which explains why we’re both out here in Calgary…lol. He also runs a great page called YYCDaddy. We both ordered the Espresso Flight which showcases their two current espresso options. What’s great about Société is that they rotate through a variety of roasters every month or so. Currently in house they have Transcend out of Edmonton, and Kittel from Montreal.

After we placed our order, our friendly barista handed us each a small bottle of Pellegrino sparkling water to help cleanse our palate during our experience. This was a pleasant surprise. Our flights were delivered to our table and we began to geek out and take a few pictures! Each flight comes with a 1oz shot of each espresso paired with an 8 ounce capp also featuring each espresso. I would certainly say each of these espressos is best enjoyed in a milk-based drink. Each of these coffee’s were fairly similar. The only thing I would love to see in the future would be contrasting espressos, perhaps one that leans towards the classic nutty-chocolate, and one that would feature more fruity-floral notes.

I have to say I really like this place. I really appreciate that they’re willing to try new approaches to serving coffee. These flights are such a great idea. They also offer an espresso 3-ways that I would love to come back and try another time. The decor is really well done, they’ve got a big leather couch that would be great to lay back and relax on and plenty of seating with outlets. Free WiFi is also available for getting some work done too. So if you’re looking for a new place to grab some coffee head on over to Société and let me know what you think.


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