Fresh New Look

Welcome to the fresh new look of Commonly Coffee!

This site has gone through a few changes over the course of the past two years with a re-brand earlier in 2020 that brought about a new name and a new look to Commonly Coffee.

While that was a step in the right direction I was never fully satisfied with the look of our brand. The biggest challenge for me is that I’m not a graphic designer. My focus and passion has always been creating meaningful content that tells the stories of great coffee roasters, coffee companies, and the most of all, the people who are a part of them.

This is where Alex Presa comes in. Alex is the brilliant mind at and I absolutely love what he’s come up with.

Spend any amount of time in the specialty coffee community and you’ll realize how small it really is. Alex and I connected randomly a few months back and I had the chance to get interviewed by him on his Instagram account as he shared about the exciting coffee roasting plans he has for his project called Alex is a graphic designer by day and equally as passionate about coffee by day & night. He has some incredible plans to bring specialty coffee to the community of Barrie, Ontario so you’re definitely going to want to give him a follow.

Alex created the new look for Commonly Coffee and I couldn’t be happier! It’s simple, memorable, and has some unique design elements that you begin to discover as Alex share the story behind the brand.

commonly coffee – new logo

– Two People
– Two “C’s” inverted in the design
– Coffee Bean shape in the negative space
– Quotes as in coffee conversation
– Two cups of coffee

I have big plans for this design and hope to be able to begin offering some merch like stickers & t-shirts in the coming months! So stay tuned for when those launch!

If you love the work that Alex did feel free to connect with him through his various graphic design sites:

Thanks so much again to Alex for the incredible work in designing this new brand identity for Commonly Coffee. I absolutely love it, and I hope that everyone else does too!

Stay Caffeinated,


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