Welcome to the Rebrand

Not everyone gets a do-over. Sometimes though, if you’re lucky, you get the chance to start afresh.

Welcome to the rebrand.

For many of you, you have followed along with me this last while as all of a sudden my account began to have lesser and lesser use-ability. I am not sure why this was the case, but in the end I was left with little-to-no choice and had to bring an end to thebloom[dot]coffee.

And so began the task of dreaming, thinking, searching for a new name, a new identity to this blog and social media channel that I love so much. It’s not the likes and tags that I missed, I missed getting the chance to connect with each one of you. Some of you even reached out saying you missed hearing my voice in the coffee community, and for that I am truly humbled.

so why commonly?

Well a quick google search will tell you that synonyms for commonly  are “often” & “frequent”, and while that certainly describes my perspective when it comes to drinking coffee, another descriptor that sealed the deal for me was from the Cambridge Dictionary where it defined commonly as “shared between two or more people“.

That was it. If there is any better description of WHY I love coffee so much and love writing about it on this blog, is because while coffee is fine to enjoy by oneself, coffee-for me-takes on a whole other meaning when it is something shared between two people.

So there’s the backstory behind the re-brand. I am excited for this next chapter, and hope you are too. You can expect the same great features you’ve come to love before. And maybe some new things too!

Thanks for sticking with me over these past few days while I figured this all out.

Stay Caffeinated,


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