Texas Coffee Trip

I’m taking off today for 6 days in Texas. It’s a state I’ve never been to before (unless you count that one time I had a 3 hour layover in the Houston airport on route to Cost Rica).

I’m hitting up Dallas, Waco, Austin & San Antonio. Texas has such an incredible coffee culture, and it’s one that I am really excited to experience. For most coffee lovers, Austin is the destination of choice, and I have likely planned more coffee shops to visit than there are hours in the day. So we’ll see what comes about from that.

But while Austin is clearly the hot-spot for specialty coffee the other three cities I’m visiting can certainly hold their own. I’ve sourced out some amazing coffee shops & roasters in each of these cities, and will be bringing beans home from all of them…and a few others souvenirs as well.

The biggest thing I gotta figure out is do I order hot drinks or cold drinks? It’s going to be right around 40C every day! And you can definitely expect a full write-up on the blog when I’m back next week.

So I invite you to follow along on my Instagram feed, and follow the hashtag #thebloomintexas to not miss any of the stops along the way.

Stay Caffeinated,





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