Coffee Travel Essentials

img_4436.jpgSummer is here. And with it comes travel plans for many of us. And while taking a break from work is always greatly appreciated it doesn’t mean you need to take a break from drinking good coffee.

I’m taking off in a few days down to Texas and in as much as I’m going to be hitting up a number of amazing coffee shops during my time there, I know there will come a time or two (on the airplane, or in the hotel) when I’ll need some coffee, and I’m not prepared to settle for anything less than specialty coffee.

So what are the most important things to put into a coffee travel kit? Let me share with you what I am packing.

Sudden Coffee

122CA7D0-2478-4981-B7BC-7DC268AA3B21While the thought of “instant coffee” may be enough to conjure up horrible flashbacks of your grandma’s pantry with that stale-dated container of Folgers, THIS IS NOT THAT.

Sudden Coffee is Single Origin Crystallized Specialty Coffee. I picked up two packages of the Mexican La Perla de Oaxaca roasted by Intelligentsia.  I was so thrilled to see it finally available here in Calgary from Lukes Drug Mart.  Yes, they are a drug store that ‘s also killing it with amazing offerings of specialty coffee.

This stuff is going to come in super handy on my four-hour flight from Calgary to Dallas. Because I am sure that whatever coffee American Airlines is offering isn’t going to be anywhere near as good as this!

Aeropress & Ameuus Filter

I don’t think I can stress enough how amazing the Aeropress is, but coupled with these incredible new filters from Canadian company ameuus you’re never going to be without good coffee again.

The Aeropress is rugged, made of plastic (so it’s light-weight), and so incredibly versatile. It’s equally great to brew a hot cup of coffee in the morning, or an iced coffee in the afternoon heat (and I know in Texas it’s gonna be hot!) There is no question this is the best go-to portable coffee brewer available and I NEVER leave home without it.

These ameuus filters are so great because not only do they help brew an incredible cup of coffee they also come in a great little travel case to keep them safe along with all your other gear.



AWS 2kg Scale

This scale has been with me since I first got into specialty coffee. It’s durable, has a small profile, and does a great job when travelling. It is so important to weight your beans to ensure you’re dosing the right amount each time. While some of your friends and family may throw some shade your way for bringing a scale, you’ll know that you’re nailing your recipe time and time again. And that’s the most important thing! What’s nice about this scale is it won’t cost you too much either. Save that money for more beans!

Porlex Mini Grinder

Porlex_small_2_2000xYou might be thinking, well if I’m travelling why don’t I just pre-grind my beans before I leave home? My answer to that is NOOOO.

Fresh is always best, and when it comes to grinding coffee making the investment into a portable hand grinder is one of the best decisions you can have make. Porlex recently updated this grinder with a much better handle connection, and it makes a huge difference to the overall experience.

The other bonus with the Porlex is that it’ll fit into the chamber of your Aeropress to reduce the amount of space you take up in your luggage! It’s like they thought of everything!


reusable_glass_cup_black_lid_12oz_1When it comes to environmental responsibility, there is no question that getting your hands on a KeepCup (or maybe 3 like I have) is a smart idea. Did you know that the polyethylene lining in most disposable cups means there is enough plastic in 20 disposable cups to make one plastic KeepCup.

This is why I make it a habit to ALWAYS bring along at least one KeepCup with me when I travel. Right now I am loving my 12oz KeepCup Brew as there’s something about being able to see the drink your enjoying! I also have a 16oz plastic KeepCup for those days when you just need a bit more coffee than usual.

The best part is the Aeropress fits perfectly over the cup and this way I don’t need to brew my coffee into something before pouring it into my cup.

I guess the only other element I didn’t include in this post are what beans you choose to bring. What I love to do is to take along a little bit of what I’ve got left at home, and then find some locally roasted coffee from wherever I’m travelling to begin enjoying. It’s a great way to discover new cafes & coffee roasters and also to support local.

Whatever you do, and wherever you go, make sure to drink good coffee!

Stay Caffeinated,






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