Happy Birthday Monogram

I got up well before dawn this morning to make my way down to Monogram’s Britannia location for their 1st Birthday Celebration. I was so early I was the very first person at the café.

There is no question Monogram is leading the way in showcasing great coffee to this great city (and beyond). Britannia is their third location (Altadore & 5th Ave.) being their img_0752.jpgother ones. This location is special because it houses their Atlas Program. The Atlas program seeks out the best of the best for specialty coffee to showcase. Their current roaster in residence is George Howell from Boston. Previous roasters have been Keen, Tim Wendelboe, MadCap, FriedHats etc.

To celebrate their 1st Birthday Monogram lost their minds and offered $2 drinks from 6am-11am. Needless to say I wasn’t going to pass up on that. My first drink was the Gesha Village #97 roasted by Monogram. With notes of peach, and a grapefruit acidity it was subtle yet refreshing. A very delicate coffee that showcases the beauty of this varietal. And come on, who wouldn’t pay $2 for GESHA! I’d drop $10+ for a cup of this beauty any day!

My second coffee was the Ignacio Quintero from Colonna out of the UK. This washed Colombian was incredible. Notes of blood orange, and stone fruit it almost had a mulled-wine fragrance to the cup when it first came to the table. I had the chance to chat with img_0749.jpgJeremy Ho (one of the owners) while I was there and he explained a bit more about their new and exciting Atlas Vault Roasting Experience. This on-demand roasting will be done in their Ikawa in-house. Sadly I wasn’t able to stay for the demo. If you’re lucky these are running today from 11am-4pm.

The other crazy thing they’re doing is offering FREE Soft Serve Concretes inspired by their drinks. These are totally FREE from 11am-9pm. I might just need to come back later tonight to get one.

So if you’ve got some time today swing down to 800 49th Ave S.W. and celebrate with Monogram. I am so thankful to have had the chance to make it here today! Before I hit the road I grabbed a trad-capp because I’d just be nuts to not get my favourite drink before I headed off to work for the day. Three coffee’s before 9am! Either I’m crazy, or just fully committed to celebrating alongside Monogram. Either way, it was a great morning.

Happy Birthday Monogram!


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