New Feature – coming soon!

img_0645I’m really excited to let you know about a new monthly feature that we’re going to launch here on! Beginning on February 1st, we’re going to feature a Coffee Roaster of the Month. I’m going to take you behind the scenes, share with you more about a coffee roaster that I think is doing things that are worthy of you–my readers–attention, and try to find some fun & random stuff along the way.

There are a SO MANY amazing coffee roasters out there, so my goal with this feature is to shine a little bit more light on roasters across Canada, the USA, and maybe even internationally that are really doing something special.

One of the things I love most about the specialty coffee community is how people genuinely love to support each other. So if you’ve got some roasters that you think I should consider leave me a comment below, or contact me. And don’t forget to come back on February 1st to find out who is our very first Coffee Roaster of the Month!


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