CREAM Pitcher Review

I had a great conversation recently with a cafe owner about how critical milk-steaming is. He’s always a great source of wisdom and I know that he has been using CREAM pitchers for quite some time.


I feel like I have known that this is such a significant part of creating a truly exceptional hand-crafted beverage. But I don’t think I was aware of how important a good milk pitcher is to ensuring consistently steamed milk. My biggest struggle is not working in a cafe means that I don’t have the advantage of pouring drink after drink after drink to develop my skills. So any opportunity to up my game is a no-brainer.

I have been looking at various milk pitchers since my previous one was the standard 16oz pitcher that originally came with my Breville Dual Boiler. After looking around online, and taking note of what other coffee shops were using here in Calgary, I settled on the 20oz Matte Black Pitcher.

CREAM pitchers have a unique back-story. CREAM was created by Cam North, a trained graphic designer and contemporary industrial designer and Andi Larocca, a barista with multiple years of experience at Sam James Coffee Bar in Toronto. Their story began way back in November 2016 through Kickstarter and went into full production in July 2017. They are available in 12oz (350ml) & 20oz (600ml) sizes and in five different colours (Stainless, Matt Black, Matte White, Matt Grey & Metallic Gold). Average price is $25-40 depending on size & colour.

Aside from the look and feel, one of the deciding factors for me with these pitchers was their internal markings to eliminate milk waste. I always struggled with wasting milk using my previous pitcher. Having these markings inside the pitcher ensures each time I pour the same amount. The only other company doing something similar is Rattleware. But these are even more expensive.

So far after a few weeks of use I am glad that I purchased one. The precision spout really does help with my pouring. The wide body allows for sufficient room to spin the milk. If you want the best deal, head on over to Rave Coffee Roasters. They are the cheapest place to find a pitcher and carry most options. Or stop by their café if you’re in Canmore. You can also find them at Eight Ounce (who carry the Gold edition).




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