Calgary Coffee Menu – November

It’s November 1st which means my buddy over at Jellyfish Coffee has released his latest edition of the #CalgaryCoffeeMenu. This month I had the privilege of co-curating the menu alongside Brandon & Nelson.

nov MenuIf you’re new to then you might not have heard of the Calgary Coffee Menu before. Essentially it’s an opportunity for Calgary coffee fanatics to submit exciting, exotic, and essential coffees that are currently available in Calgary. We know good coffee isn’t cheap, and you work hard for your money! So rather than just trying anything, the menu allows you to discover what others are enjoying and to get in on the goods while they’re still available.

I was able to contribute three drinks to the menu this month, including one of this month’s Top Picks (Phil & Sebastian – Hartmann Geisha Natural). It seriously was an amazing coffee and one that I would highly recommend. It is easily worth the $8 dollars you’ll pay for the 10oz pour-over. If you have never experienced a Geisha coffee before (and I know the price is often a deterrent), treat yourself to this.

So take some time this month to plan a trip or two to some of these great cafes that Calgary has to offer. If you ever have questions about coffee I’m always happy to connect. Shoot me a DM through my Instagram page or leave a comment below.



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