Free coffee events in Calgary

Did you know that a number of Calgary coffee roasters & retailers offer really interesting (AND FREE) coffee events that happen on a monthly basis? Yup, you heard me…free, zip, zilch, nada.

I think this is one of the things I appreciate most about the Specialty Coffee community is the desire to educate and inform but to also have a lot of fun along the way! I know that in talking to people they ask me “how did you ever get into all this coffee-stuff?” And really it was through attending different events & experiences like these that were short, fun, and free that really allowed me to see first-hand what all they hype was about with specialty coffee.

So here’s a few up-coming & on-going events that you can check out.

  1. Eight-Ounce After Hours Workshops: The good folks over at Eight Ounce Coffee offer monthly workshops that are free and open to anyone! Their next ones are Tuesday October 2nd from 6-7pm & Saturday October 6 from 4-5pm. The focus of this workshop will be on Syphon Brewing. I have been to one previously and it was a lot of fun. To sign up slip in to their DM’s through their Instagram account. Spaces are limited so don’t wait.
  2. Monogram Fifth Ave Lunchtime Tasting: On the last Monday of each month the crew over at Monogram offer a free lunch-time tasting. Each month they focus on a different aspect of coffee (grind, water, origin, brew methods etc.) These are always located at their 5th Ave cafe (420 2nd Street SW). So if you work downtown, and you’ve got time over your lunch break, or you don’t have class that day swing by and enjoy. Not need to sign up, just show up a few minutes before Noon to grab a spot.
  3. Phil & Sebastian Roasterie Tour: Every Wednesday at 12:15pm over at the Phil & Sebastian Simmons Building location you can enjoy a 20 minute tour of this incredible space. This is one that I have not had the chance to attend yet, but I really want to. If you enjoy the 20 minute tour you can also sign up for the more in-depth 1 hour tour that costs $42 but comes with a bag of their amazing coffee to take home! You need to sign up for these are you can do so below through their Eventbrite pages:
    Free Tour (click here)
    1 Hour Tour (click here)

If you’re a Calgary & area roaster/retailer or café and you offer something similar we’d love to hear from you! We’re always looking to promote the amazing coffee culture here in this city.


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