Too Cold for Cold Brew?

It’s technically summer for a few more days right? But if you live here in Calgary its felt more like fall (even winter) these past few days.

Cold BrewBut that hasn’t stopped two local coffee roasters from recently releasing their own canned Cold Brew creations. Both Rosso Coffee Roasters & Analog Coffee have unleashed tasty options that are sure to continue to give you that feeling of summer long after those warm summer days turn into cooler nights.

I knew I had to pick up a can of each of them and give them a try. While Rosso opted to infuse their Cold Brew with Nitrogen, Analog has chosen to stick with a more traditional version. What I did like with Analog is that they offer two options: one brewed with their GodFather Blend, and the other being a Single Origin Ethiopian.

I picked up the Ethiopian, which Analog says is a washed coffee from the Amaro region in the Sidama zone. My hope was that this single origin would lend itself to slightly more fruity/floral notes instead of the typical chocolate/nutty notes that I’ve had from brewing their GodFather blend before. It promises notes of peach & bergamot with a hint of lemon. Its brewed for 24 hours in small batches.

The Rosso Cold Brew can says its brewed for 16 hours and that the nitrogen will create a unique creaminess and a smooth & refreshing experience.

ROSSO: Notes of sweet raisin, bakers chocolate, and a very creamy mouthfeel because of the nitrogen make this a nice cold brew. A classic cold brew and certainly one that will be a crowd-pleaser.

ANALOG: Lighter than any other cold brew that I’ve had recently. Noticeable presence of juicy peach & lemon notes (almost like iced-tea) on the front end, very little acidity, and drinks really smooth. This cold brew is a refreshing change from what I’m used to.

One thing to be aware of is that Analog says this Single Origin Ethiopian is a limited time offering, so if you’re still holding out for some nicer weather in the coming days and want a refreshing cold brew you might want to grab a can, or four at any of their cafe’s and at the Calgary Farmers Market. No word on how long Rosso will have their cold brew cans available but you can definitely still find them at any of their cafe locations!

Too Cold for Cold Brew? You decide.


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