Calgary Coffee Menu

How in the world is it September 1st already?! It feels like summer is in the rear-view here in Calgary and everywhere you look every drink in every cafe is being pumpkin-spiced…ugh. How in the world is that still a thing?


The good news is that my buddy Brandon over at Jelly Fish Coffee has just launched his September edition of the #CalgaryCoffeeMenu. He’s teamed up with some of the Calgary’s top Barista’s and Coffee Professionals who search all over the city for creative & exciting offerings that are currently available.

The menu lays out price, tasting notes, cafe location, and any other relevant info that coffee-drinkers would find helpful. This menu is released on the first of every month, and drinks are always subject to seasonal availability. So if something strikes your fancy, don’t wait too long or you might miss out.

I was happy to contribute to the menu this month. And I am already excited to visit a few of these café’s to try out some of the other suggestions. So if you’re looking for something to do to kickstart the Long Weekend then go have a read and find some time to hit up one or more of Calgary’s amazing coffee shops. You won’t be disappointed.


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