Justin & Greg – Calgary Coffee Crawl

I was skimming a few online news sites today, and stumbled across on the CBC site a news article about three guys who decided to take it upon themselves to visit 6 Calgary café’s in one hour! Justin & Greg hail from Regina and host a their own YouTube channel. They drove to Calgary to meet up with their buddy Scott to make this experience happen. They had one rule: no ordering the same drink twice.

It’s a hilarious video that is totally worth watching. These guys visit a number the great coffee shops that we are certainly lucky to have in this great city (many of them are listed in my café’s section). Certainly by the end you can tell they are well-caffeinated! I can totally relate having done a few café-crawls myself (although none as intense as this).

Sadly I don’t have the permission to embed the video into this blog but you can watch the video HERE.

Thanks fella’s for this great video. So glad you enjoyed so many of the amazing coffee shops here in this great city.




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