Kaffeeklatsch – New Cafe (Sneak Peek)

Today marks the Grand Opening for Calgary’s Kaffeeklatsch at their new location.

What began back in 2014 as a 25sq. ft storage-closet in the Community Wise building in the Beltline neighbourhood, has now become a full-fledged brick and mortar cafe in downtown Calgary.

There is no question that Kaffeeklatsch owner Jessica McCarrel has always sought to return to the neighbourhood where she first began serving coffee, and that dream has now become a reality. If this all sounds familiar, it’s likely because I had the chance to get to know Jessica a couple of years ago and have linked the interview here.

I had the chance earlier this week to get a sneak-peek of the new space and wanted to share a bit about the latest addition to Calgary’s coffee community with you.

This is the final design concept. Signage at the time of publication had not yet been installed.

If the street-view looks familiar to you, its because this new home for Kaffeeklatsch was previously occupied by Tokyo Smoke. Located at 1205 1st Street SW this new space for Kaffeeklatsch is actually just around the corner from the original cafe location.

Inside is styled with much of the colours and theme of the previous occupant, but Jessica told me she is thrilled as it very much compliments the direction she would have chosen to go had she began with a blank canvas. Expect a lot of black & white high-contrast decor. Jessica tells me that there will be some warmer elements to come with the addition of some plants, art, books etc.

On the brew bar is a 2-group La Marzocco Strada AV along with two Mahlkönig Peak grinders. Batch brew is handled by a Fetco XTS along with a Mahlkönig EK43 grinder.

Kaffeeklatsch serves coffee from Ontario roaster Quietly Coffee. They are the only cafe in Calgary that offers coffee from this incredible roaster, so for that reason alone it’s worth a visit. While seeing the new space I was offered a couple of brews via Aeropress (one of my favourite brew methods) of a Natural Honduran. It was super juicy and clean with a bright floral aromatics reminiscent of orange blossom.

The good news is if you live close to the Kaffeeklatsch location currently at the Cambrian Wellness Centre, Jessica tells me that they fully intend to keep that cafe open as well.


Beltline Location
Hours: 7am-7pm (M-F), 7:30am-10:30pm (Sat), 7:30am-5pm (Sun)
Address: 1205 1st Street SW, Calgary, AB

Cambrian Wellness Centre
Hours: 8am-3pm (M-F) (Closed Sat + Sun)
Address: 2000 Veterans Pl NW, Calgary, AB


Instagram: @kaffeeyyc
Website: www.kaffeeklatsch.ca

Q: Ok, so before I wrap this article up, you might be wondering, what is Kaffeesklatsch?

Kaffee (Coffee)
Klatsch (Gossip/Noise)

Jessica tells me, a “Kaffeeklatsch” is a meeting between friends to exchange gossip over coffee. The term allegedly originated sometime around the 1900s, when German women would gather to drink coffee, eat cake, and chat.

So having taken inspiration from this remarkable word, Jessica McCarrel created her cafe, Kaffeeklatsch: a place where both the coffee and the conversation matter.


Thanks so much to Jessica for giving me a sneak-peek into the new space. I am so excited for Calgary to have another great space where great coffee and great community can co-exist.

For up to date hours and info, make sure to check their Instagram feed.

Stay Caffeinated,


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