Flat Bottom Brewers

When you think about that first cup of coffee in the morning what do you reach for? Do you power on your automatic coffee maker? Do you grab your keys to make a run to your favourite local coffee shop? Or do you take out your trusty one-cup brewer to make yourself some tasty bean-juice!?

We all have our morning routine. And we all have our favourite ways of making coffee (or getting our coffee made for us).

But if you’re like me during these past few months you’ve really taken up brewing coffee at home and you’re beginning to get quite good at it. Maybe it’s time to consider upgrading some of your coffee gear. One of the best pieces of gear I can recommend is a pour-over brewer. But if you begin to google them, you’ll soon find out that there are literally hundreds of different pour-over brewers out there and then you’re left with that feeling of helplessness as to what one to get.

The two most common style of pour-over brewers are either cone-style or flat-bottom. Each have their benefits and drawbacks but I am truly convinced that whether your a passionate home coffee brewer, or you’re just beginning to get into brewing coffee at home, purchasing a flat-bottom brewer could be the best decision you ever make.

My personal favourite in flat-bottom brewers is by a company called Kalita. Their products are made in Tsubame, Japan and have a very iconic look. You can find Kalita brewers in a wide range of materials (glass, ceramic, stainless steel and the show-stopping copper option!) I personally own the stainless steel version which provides incredible durability in case it ever gets dropped from your home coffee bar (trust me…it happens).


The Kalita Wave comes in two sizes, the 185 and the 155.

Kalita Wave 155: This is my favourite model of the two options. The 155 is best as a one-cup brewer and can effectively handle about 18-21 grams of coffee which will yield you around 300ml of brewed coffee. This is my go-to brewer on many mornings.

Kalita Wave 185: This is the larger of the two brewers. The 185 can brew 2-3 cups of coffee which I would suggest is around 20-30g of ground coffee yielding about 450ml of brewed coffee. It’s a great option if you’re brewing for two in the morning or you just really want more coffee and you don’t like to share!


The Kalita wave is best known for its iconic wavy filters. But its name actually comes from the horizontal ridges descending down its walls like waves. The Kalita is designed with three small holes at the bottom which effectively slows down the water passing through the coffee grounds and into your cup or your server. The controlled flow-rate of this brewer is one of its greatest features in my opinion. All of this results in a coffee that has a fuller-body and offers greater complexity.

This might seem like a foreign language to you, but essentially the Kalita is a more forgiving brewer that will create an amazing cup of coffee without you feeling like you need to figure out an overly complicated contraption. For anyone who is newer to brewing coffee this is comes with a great sense of relief if you are still learning how to brew a great cup of coffee in the morning. When you’re done brewing your coffee, the Kalita cleans up with just some soap and water and leave to air dry.

I honestly think that because the Kalita is such a forgiving brewer that its one of the reasons why its loved by baristas and home-brewers alike. Kalita also offers a complimenting glass range server that you can use to brew into. While it’s not necessary, it does add a little sexiness to the aesthetic. Because at some point you might just want to do it for the ‘gram! LOL.


The Kalita’s filters are again an iconic part of the brewing experience. Be careful though when you pre-wet them (which helps to get rid of any papery taste) before you brew. They can sometimes cave in if you pour water too quickly or to close on the edges. If a cave-in happens it’ll mean you’ll need to get a new filter. This is really the only downside with this brewer that I can think of. And the more you get familiar with this the less you’ll ever run into this issue.


Years ago when I first got my hands on a Kalita Wave dripper it was almost impossible to find them. These weren’t even available in Canada at the time, and I happened to find the one single coffee shop in the USA that imported them. I ordered it and had to have it shipped from their warehouse to my in-laws house in Phoenix for me to pick up when I was heading down there on an upcoming holiday.

Lucky for you, they are much easier to locate now then way back then. In fact the best place to get your hands on one is through Eight Ounce Coffee Supply in Calgary. The amazing people at Eight Ounce Coffee even wrote an incredible article on the Kalita that I would love for you to read.


Now in as much as I am a fan of the Kalita Wave, it is certainly not the only flat-bottom brewer on the market. I want to be totally honest that I have not had any experience with these brewers, but I know that other friends in the coffee space certainly like theirs. Feel free to check out any of these other options and if you think they’ll work better than go ahead and order away.

  1. NotNeutral Gino Dripper
  2. BlueBottle Dripper
  3. Fellow Stagg X & XF Dripper
  4. December Dripper

Each of these have their perks and drawbacks so check them out to see which one might be the best fit for you! Each vary in price and some are easier to get your hands on than others.

But if you want to get your hands on a Kalita Wave or any other great brewing gear make sure to visit my custom link to Eight Ounce Coffee below. They’ll make sure to get you all hooked up with everything you’l need to begin brewing great coffee at home.

Hope that this article has helped you learn more about one of my favourite brew methods. If you have any questions about this or anything else coffee-related please feel free to let me know!

Stay Caffeinated,


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