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Prototype BannerReaders of Commonly Coffee should be somewhat familiar with one of my favourite BC coffee roasters–Prototype Coffee in Vancouver, BC.

They were featured just over a year ago in April 2019 as my Coffee Roaster of the Month, and I had the chance again this past February when I was in Vancouver to visit their amazing cafe. Like most cafes they have had to adapt on the fly to the ever changing reality of a small business grappling with the affects of COVID-19 and the shutdown of the economy.

Prototype is one of Vancouver’s best cafes with one of the most ridiculous lists of coffee beans available for retail. Just spend a few moments looking over their web-store and you’ll get what I mean! And the good news is you can still purchase all your favourite roasted coffee beans and get them shipped to you home, but now they have launched an exciting new initiative.

For everyone who’s decided to take up home-roasting as a new hobby during this pandemic you can now get your hands on some of the most exciting green coffee around! Or if you’re already an experienced home-roaster and you’re looking for a new green coffee retailer, I highly recommend check out their new Green Coffee site.


Green (unroasted) coffee can be purchased in 250g, 500g, (in vacuum sealed bags) with also the option for a 2kg option depending on what your need is.

If you’ve got questions about this get in touch with the team at Prototype through their contact page.

Stay Caffeinated,


One thought on “Prototype Coffee – Green Coffee Retail

  1. Prototype was a place i heard of and didn’t visit a few years ago… what a mistake that was! Finally made it last December and was wowed at their coffee menu. I always describe it like the NASA of roasters ahaha


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