2K Followers - Instagram Feed

Today was a huge milestone for Commonly Coffee!

Today we hit 2,000 followers and I am truly humbled. Thank you to everyone who follows this account. You are the reason all of this is possible. When I began this account less than two years ago I had no idea what would come from this. But the people have spoken and I am pumped for all that is still to come.

My goal at the beginning of this was to help people brew great coffee, and to use this platform as a way to champion the amazing coffee community here in Canada across the world. I will continue to do that each and every day. There is such a great community out there and so many more amazing coffee companies, roasters, bloggers and home brewers that I can’t wait to connect with.

So here’s to much more to come. I think we’ll need to celebrate this milestone with a giveaway, so give me a minute and I’ll figure something out. Thanks again to everyone. And as always if there’s anything I can do to help you brew great coffee, or anything else you’d want to ask leave me a comment or contact me through this site. Or you can always slide into my DM’s over on my Instagram account.

Stay Caffeinated,



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