Sought x Found – Real Chocolate x Milk

Rich, creamy, and simple. This refined approach to hot chocolate was a delight to my palate. I have been a fan of Sought & Found ever since they opened, and love it every time I get to visit. The owners, Caleb & Kitty, have created this sublime hot chocolate featuring Calgary-based, Kin & Pod.

Sought & Found -hot chocolateThis ethically sourced 70% Tumaco Colombia dark chocolate won a gold medal at the 2018 International Chocolate Awards “Canada and Americas regional.”  It is paired with the local, traceable, ethical, and organic milk by Vital Green Farms out of Picture Butte, AB.

The chocolate is slowly warmed in a bowl over hot water, After steaming the milk, Caleb pours a little bit at a time into the warmed chocolate pieces. Caleb then incorporates the chocolate & milk while whisking them using a Match Whisk. After they are perfectly blended the rest of the steamed milk is beautifully poured into the cup. This was seriously quite the process to watch! You can tell the level of care and passion that goes into each one of the hot chocolates they make!

On the YYC Hot Chocolate Fest page it says the goal for Sought & Found with this drink was “to let these top-notch ingredients speak for themselves.” And they certainly achieved this goal. There’s nothing fru-fru about this drink. And I liked that.

So add this to your list if you’re lucky enough to live in Calgary. The YYC Hot Chocolate Fest goes until Feb. 28th.



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