2018 – A Year In Review

IMG_0117Well today is the last day of 2018. It has certainly been quite a year for specialty coffee, and for me, it was also the year of this blog’s humble beginning. It’s pretty amazing to look back on this journey, and I want to thank everyone who encouraged me to “go for it” and to start this blog. And a huge thanks as well to every one of you–my readers–who faithfully check back to read new content. This whole thing would not exist without you!

One of my favourite things to do each year is to hold onto each and every one of my coffee bags and then to snap a pic of them all together at the end of the year (kinda like trophies!) It’s a really fun way to remind myself of all the amazing coffee I’ve had the privilege of experiencing, and as well a great visual to showcase amazing coffee roasters across the globe.

This year has been a year of discovering some new roasters in more rural areas of Canada, getting to connect with some very generous roasters from across Canada who have kindly sent some of their coffee for me to sample, winning a few bags through some contests, and the aways exciting moment when you taste a coffee that blows your mind (see my previous post). What I will never forget is that behind each of these coffee bags and the beans they contained, are real women and men who have worked hard to plant, harvest, export, roast and ship these coffees that I have enjoyed.

If you’re like me and you held onto all of your coffee bags from this past year, I’d love to see what you enjoyed in 2018. Post a pic to Instagram and tag it with #mycoffeebagsof2018. If you didn’t do this in 2018, why not do this in 2019!? It really is fun to look back and see all the coffee you’ve enjoyed. This year I drank my way through 53 bags (an average of just over 1 bag per week!) Wow, that’s a lot of coffee.

Happy New Year!



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