Calgary Coffee Menu – December

It’s a new month which means a new #CalgaryCoffeeMenu has been released by my good friend Brandon over at JellyFish Coffee.

IMG_4859I had the privilege again this month of co-curating the menu. It’s another exceptional list of what great hand-crafted drinks and whole-beans you can enjoy this month as you celebrate the holidays.

One of my favourite things about the holidays are the wonderfully creative drinks that many of Calgary’s cafe’s are putting out. One of my top-choices and it happens to be on of the JellyFish “top picks” too for the December menu is the Winter Spice Latte from Monogram Coffee.

If you are looking for something a bit more complex and not overly sweet like many holiday drinks tend to be, this is one to try! So there you have it…another great menu that’ll give you some must-try drinks for December.

If you ever find yourself at one of Calgary’s many amazing cafe’s and you try a drink that you think should be on the menu, shoot my buddy Brandon a DM through one of his social channels. He’d love to hear from you!



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